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For those who resonate with Earth-based spirituality on the island of Oahu, finding  metaphysical supplies and community can sometimes be a challenge. While there are a couple of  crystal / psychic shops on the island, their focus is geared to Atlantians, Lemurians, Indigos, and various interesting, yet otherworldly focused folks.

Where is an actual human being who is both spiritual and connected with the Earth supposed to turn for supplies, networking, community magick, and fun on the island?  We hope to answer the call. 

If you are looking for Tarot Reading, Manifestation, Metaphysical Supplies, Alternative Healing, or Instruction, please drop us a line. Daniel or Cari will be glad to assist you, or find someone else who can.  We are in Honolulu, available by appointment 9am-9pm.  Best prices on the island in our Online Store -- Same day delivery available!

You can email us at: info@thekukuinut.com or call at 808 683-9856.

Looking forward to being of service.